Upholstery Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Professional Upholstery cleaningWhen it comes to upholstery or carpets the variety of materials, textures, patterns and colours is almost endless. Just like carpets, upholstered furniture needs special care to keep its best look for longer. The methods used for upholstery cleaning are basically the same as well.

With our trained cleaning specialists you can be sure that your favourite sofa will be easily get rid of stains, your dining chairs will be refreshed and all accumulated grime will be properly cleaned from your armchairs. Our professional equipment has special functionalities, modes, nozzles and attachments so that all fungi, germs and bacteria will be completely removed.

Book the Upholstery Cleaning Services That Get the Job Done

The first step is to book the service using one of the options we offer. You can simply call us, chat with one of our operators or if you prefer you can send us a message via our online form. On the day of the service, our cleaning team will come to your place at the arranged time. You don’t need to move furniture or strip upholstery (if possible) and bring it to us. Technicians will take care of everything in place.

Getting professional upholstery cleaningCleaners have with them all the equipment, tools and products needed for the job. They will inspect the pieces, choose the proper cleaning method and make some tests (if necessary) to be sure that cleaning agents they use are suitable for the upholstery material. Your upholstered chattels will be vacuum-cleaned and any evident stains will be pretreated with an alkaline solution. Some types of upholstery can’t withstand the high temperatures of hot water extraction. In these cases, we use the so-called upholstery dry cleaning. However, no matter the method or the specifications of your upholstered belongings our skilled technicians will make sure the right treatment is used and all pieces are refreshed and left in а perfectly clean state.

Giving your upholstery the professional care it needs and deserves you will prolong the life of your furniture and enjoy freshened and germ-free fabrics (Our pros can do the same for your curtains and rugs as well). To make it easy for you to calculate the cost of different size jobs we are giving you some average prices for most booked items:

Dining Chair
*per seat

Minimum charge is $89

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather is very popular material for furniture and car upholstery, because of its many good qualities such as durability and endurance. Key factor for such upholstery is the proper care. Leather does not require very sophisticated methods to be cleaned and kept in good condition but it is essential to be treated with the right products in order to get good results and avoid damage.

Our experienced cleaners will use gentle products and specialised leather cleaning agents for stubborn stain removal. Steam also can be used for better results but only if the professional determines that the method is suitable for your upholstered with leather items.

Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress CleanersSimply through sleeping on it, the average person will sweat and leave invisible deposits on their mattress. It’s a thought far from pleasant, but it’s unfortunately true!
Employ our professional service for mattress cleaning and see that sticky situation resolved.
The mattress cleaning method we use is designed to deep-cleanse your mattress, making sure that every square centimetre is free of all contaminants.



Tip: Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning are essential for people with dust mite allergies. Let our experts take care of the common hiding spots of these insects and leave your mattresses clean and mite-free.

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