A Few Words from Our Customers

  • Great work guys! Your cleaning team came on time this morning and were very polite! Thank you so much!

    Charli Blanch
  • Great quality service, guys. Your carpet cleaning technicians are really suited for this job. All carpets are now clean and as good as new, beyond my expectations.

    Ella Noah
  • I’m really impressed by the job done. Carpets are pet-hair-free and their colours are more vivid than ever. Thank you.

    Tyler Maddison
  • I’m very pleased with the job your cleaners did! There is no sign of the nasty stains left by the previous tenants. All carpets now smell fresh and are immaculate. Thank you!

    Zachary Summer
  • It’s really amazing to walk on freshly cleaned carpets. We are happy to have found your carpet cleaning offer. Thanks.

    Christian Hayden
  • It was the first time we booked with you and it was worth it. We couldn’t wish for better results for a carpet that’s nearly 15 year old and has never been cleaned before. Also, the cleaners were very polite helping with the furniture relocation before they start with the carpet cleaning. Overall, very good service!

    Alicia Edmondson
  • I can handle the other cleaning jobs in the house but when it comes to the curtains…let’s say I’m not very confident in the results if it’s me doing the job. It doesn’t matter anymore couse you guys are pros and my curtains are perfectly cleaned and that completed the whole picture – clean house, clean windows, clean curtains. Thank you very much, when I need curtain cleaning again i know who to call!

    Amelie Denehy
  • My rug was so dirty, that I was ready to throw it away. But my neighbour told me about your service, and now I’m glad I didn’t. Your cleaner came the next day, he was very polite and helpful, and somehow made all the stains go away. And the amazing part was that he used only natural cleaning products! From now on I will always call you when I have trouble like this!

    Pamela Stevens
  • In my family we always splurge on the good stuff when it comes to mattress and pillows, which is why I cringe everytime someone (that would be my wife) spills her morning coffee. Instead of flipping the mattress over I decided to call you guys and I was impressed how polite and professional your staff is. I was looking forward to your mattress cleaning service, which now sounded even more promising! Your cleaners delivered to the standard I expected and long story short there wasn’t a single stain left!

    Logan Campbell
  • I was moving out of my old place and booked your end of lease cleaning service. The team (two people) came on time, they did the whole place quickly paying attention to every detail in the rooms. I later got my bond money back with no problems. Glad I called you, might need you help again. Thanks.

    Jason Wright
  • I’m very happy with the outcome of the upholstery cleaning. We have some very special sofas that our family owns for a long time and all the stains are gone now. Thank you so much for the effort!

    Megan Farrell
  • I’m so happy with the results. Your guys performed a little miracle with my sofa. I didn’t have much hope when I called but you proved me wrong. 5 of 5  from me!

    Hannah Sulman
  • It was pretty nice that I was able to choose the time and date of the appointment. I’m a busy man and this was very convenient. Cleaning was top quality. All in all I’ve got only good things to say and nothing to complain of. Would use again.

    Charles Angelo

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