Expert Rug Cleaning and Care in Melbourne

There’s no need to give up on your favourite rug, yet, just because of a spillage accident! Carpet Cleaning Experts Melbourne can remedy the situation expertly and in no time at all. We offer professional rug cleaning services, which will remove stains and accumulated dirt from deep within the fibres. The cleaning specialists, we work with, use professional equipment and products that help leave your rug looking fresh and grime-free.

Professional rug cleanersMost rugs can’t be simply thrown in the washing machine when they get stained and dirty. They are often made of materials with certain characteristics that require very specific treatment. So, why not entrust the task to the professionals? We have fine-tuned our cleaning procedures for exotic, expensive, delicate and bright coloured rugs, whether they are machine-woven from a synthetic material or you own handmade natural fibre rugs.

No matter if you need a Moroccan, Persian, Dhurrie rug or a Turkish kilim cleaned, rest assured that the expert will apply the most effective cleaning and stain removal method with your cosy investment’s delicate nature in mind.

Tip from the Pros: Often times rug cleaning could be really hard and time-consuming job. These are the times when you think about getting rid of your carpets and rugs. But before you make a rash decision, make sure to be fully informed and take a look at the benefits of having a carpet or rug.

Why You Can Trust Us For Quality Rug Cleaning

Excellent cleaning results and complete customer satisfaction – these are our main goals for every job we take. We created our rug cleaning service in a way to ensure quality and in the same time make the booking process easy and convenient for our clients. Thinking about the busy schedules nowadays we are offering slots on weekdays as well as weekends, evenings and even holidays. You can also choose your preferred way to get in touch with us – a phone call, chat or online form.

When it comes to the service itself we are particularly strict. You can expect nothing less than a customised rug cleaning service that follows our quality standards and proven procedure:

  • Rug cleaning will be performed by specialists trained to work with delicate fibres and special materials
  • Technicians will examine every rug separately to determine the most appropriate cleaning method which can be different for different pieces
  • Specialised equipment and cleaning products will be used according to the specific requirements of every rug
  • Workers will pay special attention to heavy dirty areas and pre-treat the stains for better results
  • Complete treatment that rids rugs from dust, dirt and mite, preserves and refreshes the original colours, protects the fabric and prolongs the life of your mats, shags and rugs, no matter the size, shape, material or shade

Approximate prices for rug cleaning: 

1 Small Rug
1 Big Rug*
*big rugs up to 4 sqm

Minimum charge is $79

Consider combining rug cleaning with curtain cleaning and/or upholstery cleaning to save yourself time arranging cleaning sessions later.

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