Drapery and Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Curtains usually don’t get much of attentionCurtain Cleaning simply because we do not use them very often. They give us privacy, keep the light and heat out and are a perfect finish to the whole home decoration. Draperies usually don’t have visible stains and don’t seem dirty but that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular cleaning and care. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from performing curtain cleaning:

  • Reduce dust – it may not seem so but depending on the material curtains can accumulate smaller or bigger amounts of dust. In both cases you’ll feel better in a dust-free room and draperies won’t look dated and worn
  • Remove allergens – like dust allergens simply love curtains. Mold, pollen and germs feel like home in the folds of the curtain
  • Fresh look, bright colours, nice smell – three in one with just one-off cleaning session for your window coverings

Carpet Cleaning Experts Melbourne can offer quality curtain cleaning for different types of draperies – polyester, cotton, silk, linen, velvet, lace, etc. In case of staining technicians will pre-treat the area with specialised cleaning agents according to the characteristics of the drape. To avoid any damage fabric may be tested for the proper product and cleaning method to be determined.

Technicians have at their disposal powerful hot water machines, so in some cases, curtains can be efficiently cleaned while still hanging in their place. After the cleaning you will be left with nice smelling, good-looking, dirt- and allergens- free curtains with no stains, no mark and no wrinkles.

How Much You Will Pay For Curtain Cleaning

Actually curtain maintenance is not so hard. However proper tools and equipment make it a whole lot easier and more efficient. The good part is that it won’t break the bank if service is performed by cleaning professionals.


Long Curtains*
Short Curtains*
*per meter drop

Minimum charge is $89

Book additional services to your order and you’ll be able to save money! Consider combining upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning with your curtain cleaning service, and see how much you can save with our special deal on multiple service bookings! You can also get a special offer if you need special treatment for your curtains in addition to the end of lease cleaning service.

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