The Best Carpet Cleaning Method in 3 Steps

Choosing the most appropriate cleaning method is essential when it comes to carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning.

Before we begin, you should know there are two main fabric cleaning methods – Hot Water Extraction (which is essentially steam cleaning) and Dry Carpet Cleaning. Each one of them has its pros and cons but what matters most is choosing the one that suits your carpeting and upholstery best.

The infographic below outlines the process of determining the right carpet cleaning method.


The choice, however, is not that hard to make when all information is taken under consideration. Fabric, colour and other carpet characteristics are very important because they determine the water temperature and the type of the detergent used.

Want to achieve maximum results? You better hire carpet cleaning professionals, trained to operate the appropriate equipment and cleaning products (both methods rely on specialised machines or strong cleaning products).

Another useful fact is that almost all carpet cleaning methods are applicable for upholstery and some of them for curtains as well.

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